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                                     'Sponsor a child' program

While we are continuing to support our little Kindy in Port Vila, we have started a 'sponsor a child' program here on Espiritu Santo - the largest island in the Vanuatu group, as we have found many individuals with special/different circumstances that are in need of help & support.

If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]     for more information

I will update regularly with the successes of our first few sponsorships... thank you all for caring

Our Newest Sponsorship - Lathie Primary School

Our newest project is a little primary school up north on the Island of Espiritu Santo - Lathie Village. They have a kindy and a primary school - only classes 1-4 as they don't have the buildings or teacher for years 5-7 as yet. Kindy fees are quite expensive in comparison to primary as they get no government funding whereas primary get small help.
Secondary school is quite a drastic rise with per term fees being 4 times that of a full year for a student in primary school.
Recently a wonderful lady inquired to sponsor 'a child' from the school, and she and her mother decided they would sponsor the entire primary school of 30 students.. amazing! 
Her Mum knitted tirelessly some teddy bears for the kindy kids as seen in these photos.. While a group of other ladies found some uniforms from a school that was upgrading to new ones, so the brand new old design were donated to our little school!
Please contact me at 
[email protected] if you have an interest in the kindy or secondary sponsorships - just 1 child is all you need to do.

Meet Alon

Great News!! Alon is finally in his wheelchair after 8 weeks flat on his back in hospital! Now he can get around a bit and go outside. we also have a hospital bed coming for him. We have purchased land thanks to some kind donors and the sale of our car, but are still a bit short to build the wheelchair friendly home for him to go into.

If you would like to help you can donate at
Read the rest of his story below...
 Alon is 21 years old with a young wife and 12 month old son. He comes from the island of Malo - just off the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. After finishing school, he attended VIT (Vanuatu Institute of Technology) and became a mechanic. He was working as a mechanic in Luganville, Santo. His future was looking very bright for him & his lovely young family when a tragedy took it all away from him.
On the morning of December 26th, 2015, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident from which he suffered numerous injuries, the worst of which being  fractured vertebrae. The diagnosis is that - 'he will never walk again'. Very sad news for his wife, family & friends and ourselves who have been helping people here in Vanuatu for almost 5 years. .with the re building of schools, scholarships, and a sponsor a child program.
The money will be used for his medical expenses and equipment needed eg: wheelchair, special spinal bed, and anything else needed to help his re rehabilitation. 
There is no government assistance or health care cover schemes here in Vanuatu, so the costs have to be met in any way they can, from people that sell pineapples for a living in a 3rd world country!
So, while he will stay in hospital for a few more weeks, we need to collect funds before his discharge so he has the equipment needed as soon as he heads home, and then continuously  for his on going home care ie: physio, doctors visits etc ...
Please help Alon & his family as they face an enormous challenge trying to help Alon to have the best future that he can in an under developed country with no facilities to accommodate the help he requires . We need to raise enough funds now to enable us to build a wheelchair friendly house for them to live in.. you can see regular updates on Alon's progress &/or donate here

Meet Jammina

his is Jammina - was our first 'sponsored' child
she is 4years old.

Father earns about $40 month and her Kindy fees are close to $80 per term.

Quite a few families struggle to pay these horrendous school fees, so the help to have their children educated is a blessing. We can provide receipts, and photos and even post you drawings etc... to stay in touch

Meet Joe

This is Joe - while not a pikinini, he is 17years old and attends hospitality school.

His parents on Epi Island lost everything in Cyclone Pam, house, farm including wanted him to go home because they now have no income - and a lovely lady agreed to sponsor his college fees...
another happy ending

This picture is of me handing Joe the money to give the Principal of the hospitality school - smiles all round.

Graduation Day for Joe!

Today November 18 2015 Joe was presented  with his Graduation Certificate from the Hospitality & Tourism School thanks to his wonderful sponsor! So here are a couple of photos of his proud moments..