Imagine a natural swimming pool so beautiful it takes your breath away. Vanuatu blue holes are incredibly clear freshwater springs – each blue hole has its own unique colour thanks to the purity of it water – sometimes a vibrant shade of turquoise, other times a deeper emerald blue. The water flowing from Vanuatu blue holes creates stunning “crystal rivers” (so-called because the water is crystal clear), which meander down to the sea through tunnels of lush green rainforest and mangrove trees (“fish nurseries”). Wildlife abounds, the scenery is breath-taking and so is the paddling. In terms of the top 10 things to do in Vanuatu this should be at the top of your bucket list of outdoor activities.

So where are the best Vanuatu blue holes and crystal rivers found?

Espiritu Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu and has more blue holes than any other island in the country. Why? Because water flowing from the mountains in the middle of Santo disappears into underground limestone caves more than 30 kms long and emerges again near the ocean as a series of freshwater springs. In fact, the entire east coast is riddled with limestone caves, blue holes and freshwater springs!

Vanuatu Blue holes

Which of the Vanuatu Blue Holes Can You Paddle To?

The most popular Vanuatu blue holes on Santo are Ri Ri Blue Hole, Matevulu Blue Hole and Nanda Blue Hole. But there is only one blue hole that you can kayak to as part of a regular tour and that is Matevulu Blue Hole. The crystal river leading to this blue hole is one of the longest on the island (around 3.5km) and starts at a picturesque lagoon in the Bay of Islands (opposite Oyster Island, about half way up the east coast). Matevulu Blue Hole features not one but two giant rope swings and is almost 19m deep at its deepest point. It’s like a giant turquoise aquarium full of colourful fish!

Who Operates The Tours?

Island Time Kayaking & SUPs offer daily guided kayak eco-tours to the Matevulu Blue Hole – the tour takes around 3 hrs to complete. They also offer double and single kayaks for hire as well as stand up paddle boards so you can create your own DIY blue hole paddling adventure. Island Time Kayaking’s paddle base is located just next to the entrance of the Matevulu River and features a picnic area, a deepwater white sand beach and even a WW2 planewreck to snorkel on!

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Vanuatu Blue Holes
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