Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

For all our paddling eco-tours and self hires we recommend you bring sunscreen, hat, towel, reef shoes of some description, water, some light snacks, insect repellent and a change of clothes. We supply you with dry bags so you can keep your cameras, phones, & clothes safe and dry.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No, but you need to tell us before you start a tour if you can’t swim so we can brief you on safety. We supply you with the latest PFDs (lifejackets), you can float safely if you end up in the water. The Bay of Islands and Blue Hole tours are fairly calm so the chances of you falling out of your kayak are minimal.

Do I need kayak or SUP experience?

Each tour has different requirements. Most of our kayak tours do not require paddling experience please check our guided tour page for details. If you are hiring a kayak or SUP some experience is required. Before all our tours our guides give you a full safety briefing as well as tips on paddling techniques and steering. We have both sit inside and sit on top kayaks to suit all abilities.

Am I covered in case of injury?

Yes, you are covered by our comprehensive public liability insurance and our lead guide is trained in First Aid. We always carry a first aid kit with us when kayaking. E

Do I need to pay a deposit if I hire a kayak/SUP overnight?

If you don’t have a credit card we may ask for a cash deposit, however we normally just take down your CC number so we can make a claim if any equipment is damaged or lost.

Is bus transport included in the price?

Yes, it is but only for the Luganville – Turtle Bay area. If you are staying in Port Orly you will need to organise your own transport down to the ITK base.

What time is bus pick up?

The bus pick up time will vary depending on the tour and where you are staying. Please check with ITK staff or your booking agency to confirm pick up times.

How old do kids have to be to come on tour?

Kids are welcome on our tours, we usually team them up with an adult in a double kayak, however we do not recommend it for kids under 5 (they get bored easily and we don’t have lifejackets that fit them). We generally charge kids under 12 half price.

Can we cancel if the weather is bad?

Yes, if it is too windy, rainy or rough, we will cancel the tour and any money paid will be refunded in full. However, if you cancel without warning or at the last minute or without any good reason you may lose your initial deposit.

Can we pay with our credit card?

You can, but only if you do so online the night before the tour. Otherwise you will need to pay cash on the day.

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