Kayak & SUP Hire

kayak sup hire vanuatu
kayak sup hire vanuatu
kayak sup hire vanuatu

Kayak SUP Hire Vanuatu

Our hire base is located at a beautiful deepwater beach overlooking the Bay of Islands, about a 20 min drive north of Luganville (1st right after Oyster Island turn-off – look for the sign!). We have a large undercover nakamal/seating area, toilets, a shower and some great snorkelling right out front (there’s even a plane wreck!). For more information about the Bay of Islands see below.

We have a range of double and single kayaks for hire (both “sit on top” and “sit inside” sea kayaks), as well as a range of large and small stand up paddleboards. All our kayaks and SUPs are the same price – we simply match the kayaks and SUPs to your abilities and experience. In fact we believe we have the best range of kayak SUP hire Vanuatu.

The prices for our DIY Espiritu Santo Kayaking Adventures and our DIY Espiritu Santo SUP Adventures are shown below. All hires are cash only payable on the day. For a comprehensive list of our kayaks and SUPs available for hire see below. We also do boat drop offs to nearby islands so you can do a one way hire trip or simply enjoy a morning snorkel on a beautiful deserted beach. Kayak SUP hire Vanuatu has never been so easy!

Hour ½ Day (4hrs) Full Day (7 hrs)
Single Kayak 800vt 1500vt  2500vt
Double Kayak 1000vt 2000vt 3500vt
SUPs 800vt 1500vt 2500vt
Snorkel Set      500vt

Please note all hires are cash only

ULTIMATE LOCAL DEALS (Baby Docs, Volunteers, Residents) – CLICK HERE

Our Paddling Playground – The Bay of Islands

 Kayak SUP Hire Vanuatu

kayak sup hire vanuatu

Within the lagoon are not one but two beautiful crystal rivers to explore (both leading up through dense rainforest to spectacular blue holes – freshwater limestone springs). There are reefs to snorkel on, white sand beaches to enjoy and resorts to paddle to for drinks and refreshments.

There are also five hidden plane wrecks from WWII waiting for you to discover them! The waters inside the lagoon are generally calm and protected making it one the safest and most exciting places for kayak SUP hire Vanuatu.

The Bay of Islands is considered to be one of the premier kayaking & SUP locations not just on Espiritu Santo but in the whole of Vanuatu

The Bay of Islands (also known as Peterson Bay) is located around 18km north of Luganville, on the beautiful east coast of Espiritu Santo. It is home to the famous Oyster Island Resort (currently undergoing renovations).

Imagine an inner ring of small islands enclosing a beautiful calm, turquoise lagoon (approx. 8km long x 1km wide) surrounded by an outer ring of larger islands that provide further protection from the wind and the waves. The perfect location for kayak SUP hire Vanuatu.

Our Watersports Gear

Storm Single and Whistler Single

Storm – This 5.18m rotomolded (plastic) kayak is sleek and fast while still retaining comfort and stability. It’s great for extended trips as it has 2 large hatch areas and is rugged and stable even in rough water. Currently only one of our Storm singles has a rudder system (the rest do not – they are paddle-steered). We recommend them for intermediate to advanced paddlers only. Weight 25kg, max. capacity 180kg.

Whistler – designed for more protected waters, the 4.5m Whistler is a transition kayak, ideal for intermediate kayakers. It’s a very stable, easy to use, rotomolded touring kayak, featuring a large comfortable cockpit, bow and stern hatch, bulkheads, fully detailed deck rigging, and an optional rudder (currently all our Whistler single kayaks have no rudder system). Weight 26.3kg, max. capacity 180 kg

EddyLine Fathom Single Sit Inside Sea Kayak (x 2)

This superlight, superfast 5m long fibreglass sea kayak is relatively stable yet also highly responsive and lively to paddle. It tracks well and is designed to be paddle steered (ie it has no rudder) – the retractable skeg allows for fine-tuning in any wind/weather/load conditions. Ideal for extended day or overnight kayaking expeditions. An exciting and fun kayak for the intermediate or experienced paddler. Max. carrying capacity 154kg, weight 22.6kg.
Please note all hires are cash only

Winner Hug Double Sit Inside Sea Kayak (x 4)

An expedition style “sit inside” 5.17m long sea kayak with a rotomolded plastic hull. Basic, practical design with plenty of stability and lots of leg room. Features comfortable moulded plastic seats, two medium size hatches with rubber seals and rudder/feet steering. Max. carrying capacity 201 kg, weight 38.5kg.

Necky Amaruk Double “Sit Inside” Sea Kayak (x 1)

A fast, sleek rotomolded sea kayak designed for day trips, overnighters or expeditions on the open ocean. The 5.4m long Amaruk combines stability and comfort with high-end performance to get you to where you’re going with minimal effort. It features a soft lined hull, comfortable seats, bow and stern hatches with bulkheads, carry handles and an aft operated rudder system. Ideal for the intermediate to experienced kayaker. Max. carrying capacity 230kg, weight 43.3kg.

Winner Nereus 1 Double Sit On Top Kayak (x 10)

This 3.68m long sit on top rotomolded double kayak is designed for the beginner in mind. It is comfortable, manoeuvrable and light and easy to paddle. Ideal for calm or protected waters. The hull features “venturi style” drain holes so the kayaks automatically empties when filled with water. It also has channels and a central keel, allowing it to track in a straight line (ie. no need for a rudder/feet steering system ). Optional backrests are available on request. Max. carrying capacity 213kgs, weight 40kg.

Winner Velocity II (x 10)

This zippy little 2.7m long single sit on top kayak is designed for the beginner paddler. It has a wide plastic (rotomolded) hull, so it’s comfortable, manoeuvrable and easy to paddle. Ideal for calm or protected waters. The hull features “venturi style” drain holes so the kayaks automatically empties when filled with water. It also has channels and a central keel, allowing it to track straight (ie. no need for a rudder/feet steering system ). Optional backrests are available on request. Max. carrying capacity 108kgs, weight 22.2kg.

Our Stand Up Boards (SUPs)

Gnarloo (x 2)

A great stand-up-paddleboard for first time riders, this 10ft 2” SUP features a soft deck with a slick skin underneath to ensure smooth, fast paddling. The high amount of volume (205lt), combined with the generous width (32”) make this board incredibly buoyant, stable and very easy to ride. The board is fitted with FCS fins and is ideally suited to paddling on flat water.

Malibu Fibreglass SUP (x 2)

A lighter and faster SUP than the Gnarloo, the Malibu 10ft 2” fibreglass SUP is relatively easy to balance on in flat water and has enough rocker to surf small waves. It is fitted with FCS style fins and is ideally suited to the intermediate paddler.

Hydro-Force Inflatable SUP (x 2)

A light, manoeuvrable inflatable SUP 10″ x 32″ x 4″ ideal for the small-mid-size paddler. It has a non-slip deck pad,  three moulded plastic fins for easy tracking, deck bungy cords for securing a dry bag and a convenient deck handle.

kayak sup hire
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